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We give free quotes with no commitment. Our team consists of professionals who are knowledgeable, reliable, and effective. We perform emergency repairs and resurfacing, as well as routine maintenance. Get in contact with us if you want to keep the roof on your family home or rental property in good shape; we’ll make recommendations for moss treatments and preventative maintenance.

your white roofing company in OttawaWhen your roof needs repair, call WGYC

We Got You Covered in black and white and a rubber roof option tailored to suit your specific needs and location. Choose a white roofing company in Ottawa that reflects a significant percentage of UV radiation to keep the building cool, or choose an EPDM soot installation to reduce heating bills. For a range of realistic and attractive commercial rubber roofing solutions, please speak to our professional and experienced roofing specialists.

How Energy-Efficient Roofing Helps Beat The Heat & Save Money

A non-reflective rooftop is one of the hottest places on the planet in the summer, much hotter than the surrounding air. Even with adequate insulation, heat penetrates roofs and warms attics and upper floors, causing air conditioners to work overtime to keep up. Replace or treat those roofs with reflective, cool roofing materials to prevent this costly problem.

What Roofing Material is Most Energy Efficient?

Helps Beat The Heat & Save Money

Asphalt shingles are the most widely used roofing material inĀ 

residential homes due to their low cost and installation ease. Unfortunately, even though they’re lighter in colour, asphalt shingles are great at absorbing heat and bad at reflecting it. If you want to save money in the long run, it’s worth it to invest now in the more costly but more reliable roofing material.

While replacing an existing roof can be expensive, if your current roof is your home’s most significant energy leak, a new cool roof could pay for itself over time. If you don’t have the funds for such a massive undertaking, you may be able to produce comparable results for a fraction of the price by adding energy-efficient roof coatings. Consult with the roofing experts at WGYC to determine the most energy-efficient roof and the one that is suitable for your home or office building.

What is a white roof? What Are the Benefits of Using Shingles?

You must decide whether you want a white (or light) or a dark (or dull) shingle for your home’s roof. Shingles are the best option in general.

White roofs, unlike black roofs, do not absorb heat. White is a reflective surface, which means it absorbs light and keeps heat out of your house.

The key advantages are comfort and lower energy costs. In the summer, the temperature rises significantly. Guess what if you had a black roof? The heat from the outside seeps into your house.

White roofs not only save money on cooling but also boost the comfort of your house. It also removes the issues that come with overheating.

Contact WGYC to assist you and provided roof repair specialists to answer your questions and solve your roof repair problems.

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