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What is White Roofing?

This method, simply known as “cold roofing,” is intended to minimize the amount of solar radiation absorbed, resulting in less heat being transmitted within the house. White roofing often emits some of the heat that a building typically retains, further cooling it. White roofs will help keep building temperatures down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, saving a significant amount of electricity and resources wasted on air conditioning.

What is EPDM?

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a highly durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane commonly employed in low-slope buildings in the United States and around the world. Ethylene and propylene, the two main components, are obtained from oil and natural gas. EPDM is available in black and white and in a wide range of widths from 7.5 to fifty feet, as well as two thicknesses: 45 and 60 mils. EPDM can be installed fully adherent, mechanically fastened, or ballasted, with liquid adhesives or specially formulated tape used to seal the seams of the roofing system.

How to Pick the Right EPDM Roofing Company

When selecting a roofing contractor, you should think seriously about your options and try them out before hiring them. It will significantly reduce the amount of problems if you hire a good reliable roofing contractor in terms of price, dependability, and quality.

Also, consider the following points:

  • Choose up to three vendors to evaluate the work. Obtain advice from families, colleagues, neighbours, or a professional trade group if necessary.
  • Ask for guidance from them about which products they believe can be used.
  • Request quotations from each contractor, but don’t always go for the cheapest one.
  • Make your decision based on the quality of the recommendations and your confidence in the contractor.
  • Except for minor emergency fixes, ensure that the quotation or estimate you get is within budget.
  • Bear in mind that ‘estimates’ for refurbishment work can change once the chosen contractor has removed the main covering to expose the sub-structure underneath.
  • Agree on payment terms before the work commences.  Be sure you understand what you’re receiving with the upfront fees. It could be impossible to recover funds. When something goes wrong, contractors that deliver cash or VAT-free offers are difficult to find.
  • Contractors can not give you free advice until you have a genuine intention of giving the contract to them.
  • Remember that the property owner is responsible for any planning permissions that might be needed on that property.

Covering You From Roof Problems

A simple problem with the roof increases the effects of heavy rain, which, in the first place, no matter how heavy, could not have any effects on the roof. Indeed, the roof is often forgotten as an essential part of the home. For all of these impending environmental disasters, your home should have the best possible protection, and roofing contractors can offer it. Roofers can not only provide the right supplies to build the most reliable roofs for your valuable house, but they can also provide you with equally essential facilities such as follow-ups and maintenance or repairing, whatever the roof needs.

Roofing companies will supply you with a variety of stylish yet durable materials, resulting in attractive roofs that are as solid as you need them to be while also concentrating on the key feature of the house. It is undeniable that roofing companies can increase the stability and safety of your home from weather threats such as the feared roof-raising hurricanes.

If you love your home, you can value one of its most important components: your roof. A successful trusted roofing company is still ready to provide you with the services you need. The most dependable roofing contractors are just a phone call away from providing you with the most pleasing roofs that are not only solid enough but also beautiful enough for helicopter riders to stop and think, “that’s one awesome roof there!”

EPDM Roofing

Why should you choose WGYC Roofing Company?

WGYC offers the most up-to-date industry approaches for white EPDM roofing applications. White roofing employs a covering designed for use on current commercial and industrial roofing structures.

This bright white polyurethane-acrylic elastomeric coating creates a protective layer that expands and contracts with temperature changes. It forms a weather-resistant membrane that mirrors the sun’s heat, lowering interior building temperatures. Naturaseal AcriSeal is a simple-to-apply roof coating that provides long-lasting protection.

When your roof needs repair, contact WGYC.

We Got You Covered in black and white, as well as a rubber roof option customized to your particular needs and venue. To keep the building cold, select a trusted roofing company in Ottawa that represents a large percentage of UV radiation, or go with an EPDM soot installation to save money on heating bills. Please contact our skilled and seasoned roofing contractors if you are looking for a variety of practical and appealing commercial rubber roofing solutions.

Contact WGYC to assist you and provide white roofing specialists to answer your questions and solve your roof repair problems. Call us today.


We’ll replace your existing roof with a metal roof with a full warranty.


We can repair your existing metal roof with our cost-effective solutions.


We’ll provide the ongoing maintenance your metal roof deserves.

Keep Your Costs Down with Our Eco Friendly Roofing and Air Barrier Waterproofing Spay Solutions.

Our solutions are 100% VOC, environmentally friendly, odourless and water based.

-Will strengthen the existing roof
-Low cost alternative to intrusive tear-off
-Can self heal if punctured
-Warranty covers ponding water and baseball-sized hail
-Increased energy efficiency and LEED certification
-Sustainably sourced and completely free of volatile organic compounds

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