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Why do you need waterproofing?

  • Prevent further water damage to your roofs and interiors.
  • Prevent health problems caused by mould and mildew
  • Save money in the medium to long term (not in the short term)
  • Make your property more comfortable to live in

How do you waterproof a property?

  1. Examine the property and eliminate other potential causes of structural damage.
  2. Clean your gutters.
  3. Select the proper waterproofing product.
  4. Use plaster waterproofing additive.
  5. Bring walls in good condition–repair cracks, patch holes, etc.
  6. Apply the waterproofing product.
  7. Execute a water-tightness test.

Why is waterproofing so important?

Waterproofing is an essential part of the construction process. However, some waterproofing issues necessitate unique solutions. As a result, a highly competent technical team must collaborate with customers to evaluate each situation to create a solution that meets their specific needs.

What is the significance of waterproofing? Massive sums of money are spent each year on infrastructure, public, and private construction projects worldwide. According to a report on building structure damage, waterproofing problems account for 80 percent of all injuries. Investing in high-quality waterproofing not only protects building components from water infiltration but also ensures resource effectiveness, low maintenance costs, and a high long-term return on investment.

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What are Your Waterproof Coating Choices?

There are products on the market for just about any situation, ranging from clear penetrating solutions for bricks and masonry to solid colour film-building coatings and waterproof paints. With an in-person consultation, you can get help deciding which one is best for your application.

Protect Your Building With Waterproofing & Sealing

The last thing you want is for your building’s structural integrity to be jeopardized, but that risk increases if it isn’t properly waterproofed and sealed. The repairs would cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the possibility of operations being halted.

What’s the solution? Keep the potentially harmful moisture out of your building by properly waterproofing and sealing it. Silicone is used to seal most properties these days. While silicone can be helpful for a short period, urethane sealant materials are superior in most situations. Our specialists will cut out and remove any old silicone sealants, replacing them with more effective urethane materials.

When it comes to your building or property, the last thing you want to do is make costly structural repairs. That is why it is critical to be cautious and ensure that your property is properly waterproofed and sealed. It keeps moisture out and protects your property.


We’ll replace your existing roof with a metal roof with a full warranty.


We can repair your existing metal roof with our cost-effective solutions.


We’ll provide the ongoing maintenance your metal roof deserves.

Keep Your Costs Down with Our Eco Friendly Roofing and Air Barrier Waterproofing Spay Solutions.

Our solutions are 100% VOC, environmentally friendly, odourless and water based.

-Will strengthen the existing roof
-Low cost alternative to intrusive tear-off
-Can self heal if punctured
-Warranty covers ponding water and baseball-sized hail
-Increased energy efficiency and LEED certification
-Sustainably sourced and completely free of volatile organic compounds

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