Roof Waterproofing Company - Commercial Roofing Services

Roof Waterproofing Company – Commercial Roofing Services

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We Got You Covered, a roof waterproofing company, can’t stop the rain from falling, but we can help keep it from causing damage to your home. Our roof waterproofing services will save you money on expensive roof repairs or replacements that can occur as a result of your roof rotting due to constant moisture exposure. We Got You Covered Roofing Company’s highly experienced team will provide the most up-to-date roof waterproofing services available, whether your building is currently under construction or you just want to update the existing roof on your facility.

The most common causes of a roof leak that needs to be repaired

A variety of factors causes roof leakage, the three most important of which are:

  • Roof flashings are a form of roofing material, usually galvanized steel.
  • Roofing tiles or sheets that have been damage
  • Roof waterproofing membranes that substandard or have deteriorated

Roof flashing problems

The metal mounted on the joints of your roof to make a water-resistant shield is known as flashing. The atmosphere’s effects, such as high-temperature ultraviolet (UV) rays that melt the bitumen coating, cause leaks. A flashing leak repair expert will pinpoint the cause of the leak and either repair or uninstall the old flashing.

Damaged roofing tiles or sheets

If your roof’s leaks are coming from the roofing sheet areas, you will need to hire a licensed roof leak repair contractor to investigate thoroughly. If the issue is broken tiles, a tile roof waterproofing specialist who can fix a shingle roof leak may need to replace them.


Damaged waterproof membranes

Expired, substandard, or damaged waterproofing membranes are a common cause of roof leaks. A roof waterproofing company would be able to solve the issue using high-tech materials and have a long-term solution.

The Best Roof Waterproofing Company in Ottawa

We use one of the most cutting-edge roof waterproofing technologies at We Got You Covered. You can rest easy knowing that the waterproofing membrane we use is frost-proof, wind-resistant, and long-lasting for maximum protection. The roof waterproofing membrane we are using is extremely quick to install and will not disrupt your day, allowing you to go about your daily activities with ease. But, it is also immune to temperature changes, so it doesn’t matter how cold or hot it gets. If the sun decides to shine in Canada, you can rest assured that the waterproofing membrane built by our experts will stand up to the elements.

The Best Roof Waterproofing Company in Ottawa

We Got You Covered has previously worked on various prestigious campaigns, so you can be confident that you will get only the best support when you select them. We are committed to delivering a quality service, so you can be assured that our professionals are well trained. Furthermore, all of our respected operatives at We Got You Covered are regularly provided with different training and development to improve their area of expertise further, ensuring that our roof waterproofing services are performed in the safest manner possible.

Commercial Roofing Services

We know a thing or two about impressive track records here at We Got You Covered as the top roof waterproofing company that built a reputation for offering exceptional commercial roofing services. We will expertly design the best waterproofing solution for your building based on local weather conditions, the landscape, the building design, and your budget, and we can walk you through the entire scope of your project, from the initial estimate to job completion. If the job starts, we guarantee that we can complete it correctly the first time.

Allow your building to become wet, and we’ll keep you dry. Contact We Got You Covered, a roof waterproofing company that provides superior waterproofing services.


We’ll replace your existing roof with a metal roof with a full warranty.


We can repair your existing metal roof with our cost-effective solutions.


We’ll provide the ongoing maintenance your metal roof deserves.

Keep Your Costs Down with Our Eco Friendly Roofing and Air Barrier Waterproofing Spay Solutions.

Our solutions are 100% VOC, environmentally friendly, odourless and water based.

-Will strengthen the existing roof
-Low cost alternative to intrusive tear-off
-Can self heal if punctured
-Warranty covers ponding water and baseball-sized hail
-Increased energy efficiency and LEED certification
-Sustainably sourced and completely free of volatile organic compounds

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