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Why Do You Need an ExperiencedWaterproofing Contractor?

What are the signs that indicate the need for Waterproofing your Home?

The most popular signs of a water leakage problem are a wet basement and leaking walls. These, though, are not the only ones. There are a few more subtle indicators that your house is in desperate need of waterproofing:

  • Decaying of furniture
  • Slight odour and dampness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Formation of mould and mildew
  • Pest problem in the basement

If you perform a waterproofing project at home, you will be able to do the following:

  • Avoid a pest problem
  • Use your basement again
  • Protect the health of your family
  • Stop premature decaying of your home
  • Protect the home’s base and footings.
  • Remove damp, mildew, and fungus from the basement.

Why choose an Experienced Contractor for Waterproofing?

If you do not handle water leakage well, it will cause harm to your home and force you to do costly repairs. It can be very costly for you to demolish your house and construct a new one. As a result, you must waterproof your home at the appropriate time. A professional waterproofing contractor understands his craft and restores the structural stability of your house. Below are several of the reasons why you can hire a reputable, competent, and trustworthy waterproofing contractor to secure your home completely:

  1. Experience Matters

Finding the source of a water problem on your own can be time-consuming. As a result, it is essential to hire the services of a qualified waterproofing professional because he or she is well-experienced and trained in determining the root cause of flooding and dampness in your basement.

  1. Survey and Inspection

Until starting the basement waterproofing process, an experienced contractor will perform a survey. To determine the source of the flooding, he will carry out the following tasks:

  • Visual inspection
  • Exposing the leaks
  • Site testing
  • Detailed exploration
  • Humidity and moisture measurement

Suppose the contractor and his engineering team have determined the source of the flooding. In that case, they will provide you with a detailed pricing estimate to prevent any unwanted surprises in the future.

  1. Quality Control

An experienced and dependable contractor can locate the problem areas in the system and formulate a course of action. Waterproofing contractors usually hire an on-site quality management supervisor to ensure that the job is going by the action plan. Also, the supervisor can have an eye on the material’s quality.

  1. Long-Term Benefits

Even if employing an experienced waterproofing contractor seems expensive, it would be successful in the long run. A contractor with extensive expertise and up-to-date knowledge of waterproofing can ensure that your home is watertight for several years. Furthermore, reputable contractors provide guarantees, which is an additional benefit.

There are some advantages of hiring a professional contractor. Do not neglect them by attempting to waterproof your house on your own. It is not a DIY project.

Why should you choose WGYC – Ottawa Roofing Repairs & Waterproofing Solutions?

Our waterproofing facilities use environmentally safe materials tested to get the job done the first time correctly.

Our foundation waterproofing methods include a complete smooth seal on foundations. It has high adhesion and elongation properties, allowing it to accommodate expected building movement. It can be used in light rain, rendering it preferable to other materials that require a dry application, and weather-related setbacks are rare.

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What are the different types of waterproofing?

Waterproofing is one of the things that everybody profits from, from infants to the aged. According to reports, waterproofing accounts for just 1% of a building’s construction costs, but it may account for nearly 90% of the harm when missed. The waterproofing device protects the foundation from water ingress. Waterproofing has been practiced for centuries, with various methods such as bituminous, metallic board, polyurethane-based, and so on.

Waterproofing is needed in the following areas:

  • Water Tank
  • Roof /Terrace
  • Balcony areas
  • Swimming Pool
  • The basement of the building
  • Kitchen, Toilet and Bathroom

Waterproofing is the process of preventing water and vapour ingress. It is beneficial to fill and transfer the structural crack. There are many forms of waterproofing. Sheet membranes, liquids, Bentonite, and cementations are all examples of these terms. As a result, selecting the right waterproofing system is critical. Some forms of waterproofing are mentioned below.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious solutions are potentially the most user-friendly waterproofing materials. They are widely available from masonry component manufacturers, and they are simple to blend and apply. A long-handled brush will make your life simpler if you choose to use this stuff. Spend the extra money to purchase acrylic additives for blending with the cement powder. Better bonding and a more stable, long-lasting coating are the results.

The only drawback is that cementitious materials have little given, most likely because cement does not extend to any significant extent. They can withstand a head of water perfectly but can tolerate virtually no joint or crack movement.

Liquid waterproofing membrane

Liquid Roofing is the method of waterproofing a roof with a specialized liquid roof covering. It is appropriate for all kinds of roofs, including flat, pitched, and domed ones. The application of a monolithic, entirely fused, solvent-based covering to a roof is known as liquid roofing. As the coating heals becomes a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane that can extend and revert to its original shape without causing damage. To have more tensile strength, such coating systems are usually reinforced with secondary materials such as glass-reinforced plastic. Many typical roofing materials, such as felt, asphalt, bitumen, and concrete, may be coated with the coatings.

The liquid roofing process is a low-cost way to waterproof a new or current roof. Depending on the coating device used, it will last up to 25 years. It is estimated that liquid roofing is 70% less costly than total roof replacement in refurbishment scenarios.

Bituminous waterproofing

Bituminous waterproofing systems are intended to protect both commercial and residential structures. Bitumen is a mixture of organic liquids that are particularly sticky, viscous, and waterproof. These systems are often used to build roofs in the form of roofing felt or roll roofing materials.

Bituminous Coating Waterproofing Method

Bituminous coating is a form of waterproofing and a protective coating. It is an excellent protective coating and waterproofing agent, especially for concrete foundations.

Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing Method

Because of its validated efficiency, bituminous membrane waterproofing is a standard solution for low-sloped roofs.

Polyurethane Waterproofing

Polyurethane is made up of two parts: the base and the reactor. Polyol serves as the basis, and isocyanide serves as the reactor portion. A liquid coating for waterproofing applications is created by combining all of these in a complex design ratio. Because of its ease of installation, polyurethane is a standard option. Compared to other waterproofing solutions such as sheet membranes and liquid applied membranes, this polyurethane application needs less expertise and monitoring. The application is fast, and can also use this method of treatment after building.

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