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White Roofing SystemsWhat are the Benefits of White Roofing?

White roofs are becoming increasingly common due to a variety of advantages. As we all know, energy efficiency is a significant problem, and it is critical to find environmentally sustainable alternatives to construct residences, industrial facilities, and so on. White roofs tend to keep roof temperatures down and will help you conserve money and electricity. The best thing is that you would not have to spend any more money than you would on a traditional roof.

Below are the primary advantages of having a white roof:

Reduced energy costs: Using a white roof will potentially reduce electricity costs by about 20% during the hot seasons. You should also improve thermal insulation in your industrial building during the cold winter months. This is an impressive accomplishment because conserving electricity is one of the most important ways to protect the atmosphere and reduce fuel costs.

Lower air-conditioner use: A 1,000-square-foot white roofing system dramatically reduces the usage of air conditioners, extending their life and lowering the carbon footprint. Based on this 1,000 sq. ft. commercial roof scenario, the air conditioner would emit nearly half a ton of CO2 each year if it did not have a white roof.

Lower levels of smog: In urban environments, white roofs tend to reduce smog levels. Smog levels are similarly influenced as temperatures are reduced.

Extended roof life: Many white roofs will comfortably last for 40 years or more with no significant issues. One advantage they have is that they save energy. They decrease the roof surface temperature by up to 80°, resulting in reduced temperature fluctuations and, as a result, less commercial rooftop depreciation over time.

Little upkeep and maintenance costs: White roofs, unlike conventional roofing, need little care and upkeep to sustain their peak efficiency standards. Cleaning activities on a white roof can be needed only once or twice a year to prevent soil build-up or discoloration. A conventional roof, such as a flat roof, would, on the other hand, necessitate more active, precise, and regular maintenance efforts for the best performance.

White roofing - less energyIs it true that lighter-coloured roofs use less energy?

Shingle shades may have a significant effect on the energy production of a roof. Your attic temperatures will fluctuate by as much as 20 to 40 degrees, increasing your energy intake by as much as 20%.

Black Vs. White

On sunny days, black shingled roofs are usually 10-15 degrees warmer than white shingled roofs. Black-shingled roofs, though, lose heat quicker than white-shingled roofs in the evening. Nighttime temperature profiles for black and white shingled roofs are comparable. The colour heat absorption determines the peak temperature of roof sheathing.

Summer Colors

During the summer, a light-coloured roof receives less heat from the roof. As a result, the air conditioner performs more efficiently, consumes less electricity, and lowers your utility costs. A dark-coloured roof, on the other hand, would most certainly heat your home’s highest spaces. Your cooling system has to work harder to cover the excess sun, which raises the utility costs.

Winter Shades

In winter, though, the same is true. A dark roof absorbs more heat from the sun than a light roof. Dark roofs are therefore advantageous in cooler climates with long winters and brief summers. For the best roof colour in your city, consult with your residential roofing contractor.

Don’t Blame It on Color Alone.

The colour of the roof has little effect on the temperature or energy usage of the house. The roofing material also influences how reflective the roof is. Asphalt shingles, for example, reflect less light than metal or rubber roofing materials. As a result, light-coloured asphalt shingles can absorb more heat than a dark-coloured metal roof.

Roofing is a long-term compromise between aesthetics and energy conservation. Consider both shingle colour and energy conservation when building a residential or commercial roof.

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