Roof Repair

Even though a normal roof should withstand its twenty to thirty year warranty, it will start to deteriorate at the end of the warranty period. When it starts to break down you will likely choose either a patch job or a total roof replacement. The patch repair will only last a short period of time and the replacement will cost more than you’d likely want to pay. Using a spray-on membrane type of repair will let you save money, time and headache by fixing and preventing leaks and extending the warranty by 10 years.

Our seamless spray-rubber coatings can be installed on top of any flat roof or slightly pitched surfaces – helping to avoid costly and disruptive tear-offs. Flat Roof Systems include: Metal, Single-Ply (PVC, TPO, EPDM), Modified Bitumen, BUR and roof systems.

We work directly with emulsion manufacturers to ensure our industrial-grade
liquid rubber materials and UV White roof coatings are engineered for each
custom application and designed to endure Ontario’s harsh weather

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We’ll replace your existing roof with a metal roof with a full warranty.


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