Metal Roof Repair Near Me - Roofing Services Ottawa

Metal Roof Repair Near Me – Roofing Services Ottawa

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Are you looking for metal roof repair near you or perhaps a roofing service in Ottawa?

We Got You Covered Roofing Company is one of the best roofing companies in Ottawa. Architects, general contractors, roof consultants, and building owners alike have praised us for our professional approach to commercial and industrial roof installation, maintenance, and repairs.

How Can You Tell If Your Industrial Property Needs Roof Repair Right Away?

Don’t wait until the roof starts to fall apart before taking action. An industrial top in need of repair also has apparent signs. The following are examples of indicators, although they are not exhaustive:

  1. Excessive energy bills. One of the functions of your roof is to reflect sunlight into the atmosphere. It contributes to the building’s ability to maintain a cool temperature. Since industrial buildings also contain large manufacturing equipment that generates a lot of heat, your cooling system will have to work twice as hard to maintain cool temperatures if your roof fails. As a result, your energy costs will increase. As a result, a sudden increase in energy consumption should be considered a red flag.
  2. Infiltration of Moisture. Moisture can seep into a commercial building’s walls and ceilings through the roofing system. When the roof has gaps or places that have peeled off, this happens often. If you detect mould or musty odours, it’s time to inspect your roof. Check the whole building and see if there are any other places to be concerned.
  3. Blockages in Drains. Clogging is most noticeable (obviously) during rainy seasons. Your drains may be clogged if you see water coming off the roof or from the downspout. (Which is why you should keep your industrial or commercial roof clean and maintained at all times.)
  4. Leaks of Water. It is an apparent source of concern. Don’t get in the habit of placing a bucket under the problem area and gathering the water! Fix the roof until a leak causes damage to your facilities or poses a health risk to your employees.


What Factors Make Your Roof Susceptible to Repairs?

As long as it receives routine maintenance, a sound roofing system does not require frequent repairs. Naturally, each material has a shelf life, which can range from 20 to 60 years.

What Factors Make Your Roof Susceptible to Repairs

However, there are a few explanations why your roof requires assistance more often than others:

  1. Extreme Weather Conditions. There are many factors to consider when selecting the best location for your industrial land. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about climate change. Extreme weather can devastate a property in the blink of an eye.
  2. Defective Installation. Yes, your roofing system is in good shape; but, how about your contractor? Using novice roofing contractors to mount the roof is just as bad as having a subpar roof.
  3. Roof Maintenance Gap. Slow leaks, weakness, mould, and algae are all problems that stagnant water on the roof can cause. Roof neglect leads to harm rapidly, but it is easily avoidable!
  4. Old Age. When your roofing system reaches retirement age, you’ll see an increase in the number of maintenance requests. You’ll have no choice but to replace the roof at this stage.

What to Do If You See Signs of Roof Damage

Although you might not be able to step up to your roof every day to check for problems, you can do so regularly. Alternatively, to remain ahead of any future issues, search for an excellent preventative maintenance program.

Seek a metal roof repair service near you as soon as you find roof damage, such as leaks or standing water.

If you see signs of roof damage in your industrial building, call the metal roof repair near you at We Got You Covered today to get your roof repaired as soon as possible!


We’ll replace your existing roof with a metal roof with a full warranty.


We can repair your existing metal roof with our cost-effective solutions.


We’ll provide the ongoing maintenance¬†your metal roof deserves.

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Our solutions are 100% VOC, environmentally friendly, odourless and water based.

-Will strengthen the existing roof
-Low cost alternative to intrusive tear-off
-Can self heal if punctured
-Warranty covers ponding water and baseball-sized hail
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