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When properly built, a metal roof structure has a life expectancy that is unrivalled. Asphalt shingles last about 20 years on average, composite shingles about 25 years, and wood shakes or shingles about 30 years, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Roofs made of aluminum or steel, on the other hand, can easily last 50 years or more, with zinc roofs lasting well over 100 years.

Why Do You Need To Repair Your Metal Roofs?

However, no building material, particularly one that is subjected to the relentless battering of the elements as a roof, lasts forever. A metal roof, like any other roofing device, needs to be maintained and repaired regularly. Any type of roofing repair can be hit or miss. Repairs will last as long as the roof system itself is done correctly. These same repairs, if done incorrectly, can easily break and collapse, leaving the homeowner or building owner with a recurring or persistent leak. A recurring leak can be unpleasant, but the interior damage and mould growth it can cause are much more severe. It is often preferable to resolve a roofing issue quickly and correctly.

Steps On How to Repair Nail Holes in Metal Roof

  1. Clean up the repair area. Cleaning the surface of every metal roofing material is the first step in fixing it. Clean the metal panel’s surface thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner until the roof panels’ surface is fully free of any dirt, film, or algae growth. Any cleaner residue would damage the roof repair’s integrity. Steps On How to Repair Nail Holes in Metal Roof
  2. Scuff the Surface of the Metal. After cleaning the metal panel’s surface, scuff the area where the repair will be made with a wire brush. Scuffing the metal will aid the sealant’s adhesion to it. Wire brush only the patched area; wire brushing beyond that can remove the protective coating from the metal panel surface, causing deterioration later.
  3. Cover The Nail Holes
    • Cover the hole with putty cement using the putty knife.
    • Using the tin snips, cut a 4-inch square out of the sheet metal.
    • Apply urethane caulk to the back of the square of sheet metal and place it over the putty-filled hole with the caulking device.
    • Remove any excess caulk with a damp cloth.

Repairing nail holes in a metal roof is a less costly option than completely rebuilding the roof. Repairing holes in a roof necessitates going up on the roof, so if this is an issue, employ a professional to do the work.

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