Blueskin a vapour barrier

Air Barrier-Blueskin Vapor Barrier

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Is Blueskin a vapour barrier?

Self-Adhesive Air and Vapor Barrier Membrane

Blueskin® SA is a self-adhesive membrane made of an SBS rubberized asphalt resin laminated on a blue polyethylene sheet. Blueskin® SA is impermeable to air, moisture vapour, and water and is easy to mount on a range of prepared substrates.


  • At low temperatures, the SBS-modified membrane is flexible.
  • Adheres to primed steel, primed concrete, aluminum mill finish, anodized aluminum, galvanized metal, gypsum sheet, and plywood
  • When self-tapping screws are used to reach it, it self-seals.
  • Compatibility for most Henry adhesives and liquid air barrier membranes is excellent.
  • Various roll widths allow versatility in application as an air barrier membrane on wall surfaces or window/door/penetration flashing.

Is it possible to breathe through the Blueskin?

Self-Adhered Water Resistive Air Barrier Membrane

Where conventional polymeric wraps leave off, this new generation vapour permeable air barrier picks up. Henry® Blueskin® VP100 is a wholly adhered, peel-and-stick device that prevents air escape while still acting as a water-resistant barrier and rain barrier. As a result, it is ideal for wood frame construction.

Blueskin® VP100, part of the Fortifiber® 1-2-3 moisture management scheme, is designed to survive the rigours of the job site and the elements, and it comes with an industry-leading 15-year warranty.


  • Increases building longevity by protecting against moisture and water better than conventional water-resistant barriers.
  • Eliminates drafts, which improves occupant security.
  • Obtains a drainage efficiency of more than 95%
  • Improves building thermal efficiency, resulting in lower energy costs.
  • Improves air quality by assisting in the reduction of mould growth.
  • Installs quickly and reliably with simple hand tools

Is it possible to use Blueskin indoors?Blueskin indoors

Blueskin WP200 is a self-adhering waterproofing membrane composed of SBS rubberized asphalt compound integrally laminated to a blue, durable, cross-laminated polyethylene sheet. The membrane is uniquely engineered to self-adhere to a prepared substrate, resulting in a high-performance waterproofing barrier even at hydrostatic head pressures of up to 231 feet.


  • CCMC listed 
  • No VOC’s and low odour 
  • Factory controlled thickness
  • 60 mil thick, SBS modified membrane 
  • Outstanding cold-weather application properties 
  • Fully adhered systems prevent lateral water movement
  • Resists up to 231 feet of positive-side head pressure
  • The unique side-lap feature provides superior water-tightness.


Oil and solvent resistance is not present. Not intended for use in close contact with potable water or long-term exposure, and must be protected from sunlight. The membrane should be covered directly after use, according to best practices. Before adding polystyrene insulation, check the minimum cure time standards of sealant and mastics. Avoid interaction with versatile PVC/vinyl materials. To ensure sealant compatibility, use only Henry 925 BES Sealant for terminations and penetration sealant. To prevent toxic fume accumulations, it is not recommended to use solvent-based primers in below-grade applications.


Keep in the original cartons, on pallets, or on an elevated platform. Protect from the elements or store them in a sealed space with a temperature below 120°F. Double-stacked pallets are not recommended. If double stacking is needed, spread the load with a plywood board.


Blueskin WP200 is a self-adhered layer waterproofing membrane that can be used above or below grade. The primary use is vertical and horizontal concrete base columns, plaza roofs, tunnels, and parking decks. In addition, the Blueskin WP200 membrane is suitable for use in interior applications such as mechanical rooms, labs, and wet rooms. When used in conjunction with Aquatac water-based primer, it provides excellent performance in ICF applications.

Surface Preparation

Cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, timber, concrete block, and polystyrene insulation type foundations are acceptable substrates. Concrete block edging is not needed. All surfaces treated with Blueskin WP200 must be free of oil, mud, and excess mortar. Concrete surfaces must be flat and free of large voids, spalled spaces, and sharp protrusions. Before applying Blueskin WP200, the concrete must cure for a minimum of 7 days to be dry and frost-free. The curing time for lightweight structural concrete is 14 days. Curing agents must be transparent resin-based and free of grease, wax, and pigments. Prime the substrate with Aquatac at a rate of 300ft2/3.78L, applied by spray or roller, and allow to dry completely before applying Blueskin WP200. Surfaces that have been primed but have not been filled by membrane on the same working day must be reprimed.


For more information on the Blueskin WP200 Guide Specification, please see the Blueskin WP200 Guide Specification.

Joint and Crack Treatment: All concrete cracks 1/16” to 1/8” deep should be pre-treated with a flush solution of Henry 925 BES Sealant filling the crack. Alternatively, center a 6” large strip of Blueskin WP200 over the crack. Allow for 3″ end laps. Within the corner, transition areas from horizontal to vertical must be pre-treated with a Henry 925 BES Sealant fillet stretching 34” vertically and horizontally from the corner. Apply a minimum 9″ strip Blueskin WP200 membrane to the joint. Both outside corners must have a minimum of a 9” strip of Blueskin WP200 membrane centred at the joint. Drains: Add a waterproofing membrane collar based on the drain and extending 6” beyond the flange onto the deck. Apply a full-width field membrane fixed over the drain. In a 60-mil bed of 925 BES Sealant, position the clamping ring. Extend Blueskin WP200 membrane tightly to projection and cover with 925 BES Sealant, stretching 2″ along with projection and 2″ onto Blueskin WP200 membrane.

Vertical Applications: Apply Blueskin WP200 waterproofing membrane in lengths of 8′ or less to a prepared substrate. Allow for 2 12″ laps on both sides and ends. Remove the shielding film and place it for alignment. Firmly press into place. Roll all laps with a countertop roller as soon as possible to seal them. If you need more than one length on a vertical board, use a shingle pattern. As indicated, terminate the membrane with 925 BES Sealant, a termination bar, a reglet, or counter flashing. Refer to the manufacturer’s basic specifications. Both laps within 12” of a 90-degree change in the plane must be sealed with 925 BES Sealant. 

Horizontal Applications: Apply Blueskin WP200 waterproofing membrane to a prepared substrate in a shingle pattern, starting at the low point and moving up to the high point. Allow for 2 12″ side and end laps. To ensure the most substantial seal, automatically roll the membrane over the entire surface. Seal laps at both terminations and T-joints with 925 BES Sealant. Both laps within 12 inches of a 90-degree shift in a plane must be coated with 925 BES Sealant.

Blueskin WP200 waterproofing membrane should be applied within one hour of primer application for optimum adhesion on applications below 40°F.


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