Air Barrier

Spray Applied Membranes

WGYC uses the NaturaSeal Air Barrier NS-A250 product line for vapour barrier solutions. This product comes in high permeability and low permeability formulations. It is UV stable, water-proof, and vapour and weather resistant. Both naturally adhere to the most used substrates, OSB, Plywood, exterior gypsum, concrete, steel and aluminum. Both have Class A fire resistance classification. They provide seamless a membrane, and are compatible with face sealed assemblies like stucco and EIFS, and all cladding systems. They can withstand exposure to the elements for long periods of time, allowing for sequencing or construction delays.

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We’ll replace your existing roof with a metal roof with a full warranty.


We can repair your existing metal roof with our cost-effective solutions.


We’ll provide the ongoing maintenance¬†your metal roof deserves.

Keep Your Costs Down with Our Eco Friendly Roofing and Air Barrier Waterproofing Spray Solutions.

Our solutions are 100% VOC, environmentally friendly, odourless and water based.

-Will strengthen the existing roof
-Low cost alternative to intrusive tear-off
-Can self heal if punctured
-Warranty covers ponding water and baseball-sized hail
-Increased energy efficiency and LEED certification
-Sustainably sourced and completely free of volatile organic compounds

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